Download tissue networks and gold standards

All networks are available as gzipped, tab-delimited text files. The file format is as follows:

        	Top Edges: the network is filtered to only include edges with evidence supporting a tissue-specific functional interaction
        	[entrez gene id 1][entrez gene id 2][posterior prob.]

        	Full Network: the network is fully connected 
        	[entrez gene id 1][entrez gene id 2][posterior prob., with known edges set to 1][posterior prob.]

                Gold Standard: each file (e.g. kidney.dab.tar.gz) when decompressed results in a DAB file that contains edges 
                with values 1 through 4 corresponding to C1 - C4 described in our paper. C1 edges are used as positives and 
                C2-C4 are used as negatives to train the tissue-specific models.

Note: These downloadable networks assume a prior probability of 0.1 to match the displayed networks

TissueTop EdgesFull NetworkGold Standard
dentate gyrusdentate_gyrus_top.gzdentate_gyrus.gz dentate_gyrus.dat.tar.gz
entorhinal cortexentorhinal_cortex_top.gzentorhinal_cortex.gz entorhinal_cortex.dat.tar.gz
hippocampus CA1hippocampus_CA1_top.gzhippocampus_CA1.gz hippocampus_CA1.dat.tar.gz
hippocampus CA2hippocampus_CA2_top.gzhippocampus_CA2.gz hippocampus_CA2.dat.tar.gz
hippocampus CA3hippocampus_CA3_top.gzhippocampus_CA3.gz hippocampus_CA3.dat.tar.gz
primary somatosensory cortexprimary_somatosensory_cortex_top.gzprimary_somatosensory_cortex.gz primary_somatosensory_cortex.dat.tar.gz
visual cortexvisual_cortex_top.gzvisual_cortex.gz visual_cortex.dat.tar.gz